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Moving Beyond Words

This incredible article from the New York Times was brought to my attention recently, and though much of the information in it was familiar to me, I found its presentation incredibly moving and powerful. As I read, I began to tear up, as I read further, tears flowed freely from my eyes and down my cheeks and my heart ached. It reminded me of the reasons I am a feminist, activist, advocate and work with, and in support of, organizations which seek to help and empower women in this country as well as others.

It is frustrating to me that feminism still has a negative connotation and that so many women perpetuate that and the perceived non-issue of gender inequity out of ignorance. This article illustrates the incredible power of women and the abhorrent injustice and significant loss in the mis or dis-use of all that women throughout the world have to offer. In the US, feminists still protest and rally for equal pay, fight against s…

Happiness is a journey, and it's a nice one to be on

Almost two months ago, I closed the doors to the business I have run for 7 years. It was bittersweet, as I had put so much of myself into it, in so many ways, but through it all, I never looked back or had much of a doubt in my mind that this was the right thing for me. Guess that seven year itch gets me every time, or something. Nah, that wasn't it... though my life does indeed go in seven year cycles. Months ago, I did something that began the chain of events that ended one era for me, and opened the door to THE REST OF MY LIFE. I simply gave myself permission to make changes in my life - if I wanted to - meaning that I could change my career, change my place/state/island of residence, change my mind, change my LIFE.

And I did.

Though it began as giving myself permission to think of a life totally different than the one I was living - simply entertaining the possibility - it quickly became a plan, then a reality. It is said that Saturn return is a period in our lives in which …