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The Violence Against Women Act, est. 1994

This week marks a milestone in women's and human rights nationwide. 15 years ago, on September 13th 1994, the Violence Against Women Act or VAWA was signed into law.

I wrote about this legislation in a blog I contribute to for SOAR (Speaking Out About Rape), you can read the post here:

As I mention in the post, why are so many waiting until violence hits close to home to get involved? If we all do just one thing to help, imagine what a difference that would make in the lives of people and in the world.

Daytripping: Three Virgins and the VI - RI connection

Yesterday morning I set out on a mid-week adventure. I had been planning this for awhile, since finding out my cousin and his wife from RI would be stopping in St. Thomas aboard the Disney Magic. I knew I would go for sure.

We arrived in St. Thomas at around 9am, having taken Seaborne Airlines' fairly new addition, the Air Shuttle. We got a GREAT deal at only $99 per person round trip, and decided to rent a car Jeep Wrangler to get around the island. So we grabbed the vehicle and drove over to Havensight, where the cruise ship was docked. It was the only one in port that day, so St. Thomas was quieter than usual - that was very nice. Once we found Bobby and Tracy, said our hellos and made the necessary introductions, we decided to try out the skyride to Paradise Point, where the bar at the top is known for its phenomenal Bailey's Bushwhackers. So once up there, of course we indulged - an excellent breakfast! It was indeed a wonderful view, we were a bit disappointed with the …