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Pictures from Past Lives

I've been many things in past lives, one of these is a jeweler/ jewelry designer. Maybe not literally in past lives, but in parts of this current one that seem like ages ago and lifetimes away, and sort of like in past life regression, snapshots and soundbytes of our current lives can remind us of those past. Lately pieces of my past lives have been coming back, I wouldn't say to haunt me, but to hang around and no doubt tell me something. What that all means is NOT going to find its way to this public space, but I will share some of the flashbacks.

Me with one of many Daily News "Best of the VI" Awards

I ended up going through old pictures this week, during this horrid creative block I was experiencing. I found some pictures of my original jewelry creations, and they made me smile. My wearable art has brought smiles and happiness to many people, myself included. I remember I once had such a difficult time parting with each new work, pieces I had nurtured from concepti…