Bougainvillea in the morning

A friend is letting me borrow his camera for a few days to decide if I want to buy it from him. My crappy little point and shoot died on me the other day, so I have been asking around with my photographer friends as to what brands and styles they like/ use. Luckily, one has a camera he is looking to sell, so I am playing around to see if I like it. It is a far more high tech point and shoot, pretty damn nice so far.

So I snapped a few pictures this morning, and this one is my fave:


Wreggie said…
I love bougainvillea!
TerryC said…

Now, can you do a small photo shoot with us?
Nicole said…
Looks like I spelled "bougainvillea" wrong.

*post title edited*

Ma, yes on photo shoot. Now that I have some free time finally!

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