It is a very frustrating thing for an artist to have a creative block, it is sort of like creative constipation, you know there is something there, really needing to come out, but you just can't make it.

I've been crawling all over the web, reading countless artist's blogs, YouTube-ing dance videos, and searching for profound passages. I'm seeing some pretty great stuff, but feeling ever the more useless as an artist, because I can't seem to come up with anything even a fraction as brilliant as any of these. It's semi-paralyzing. As an artist, part of your living, breathing and existing is the creative process. It is like living without a part of your body working, imagine trying to breathe with only one lung, or walk without one of your feet, it really feels like a handicap to have nothing to offer to the creative plane.

I went to the art store the other day, with nothing particular in mind, but hoping to find some inspiration. I left with a blank mask, a bag of interestingly patterned feathers, a package of foil-backed gems in shades of blue and some silver-toned metal words. I got home and stared at all of this, dug through my art chest and came out with nothing, nada, zilch. So I built the computer desk that has been sitting in a box on the floor for several months. At least I created something, ignoring the fact that it was essentially carpentry-by-number, and not creative at all. I do have a cool new desk to sit at though. Pics soon come.
This guy sums up how I feel. Blank, boring, emotionless, black and white. It is not a good feeling at all. This too shall pass, this I know, but it doesn't make living in this creative vacuum any easier.


Wreggie said…
This is like watching a dormant volcano blow.
TerryC said…
sucti - that is the "word verification" word today. Sounds like how you feel.

Anyway, Michael says, "Blogging is a creative act...."

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