That's why they call it a Depression

...and it is.

The beautiful, clear blue skies of last week have been replaced with hazy shades of gray as a Tropical Depression settles over the island. It certainly doesn't help with motivation or inspiration. It just makes me want to crawl into my bed and go to sleep. Which is pretty much what I did today.

This is the same bougainvillea I photographed on Wednesday:
Not quite as pretty and hopeful as the other day. This rain also looks to put a damper on my plans for a pre-birthday couple day getaway this week.

So still very little inspiration for creativity, and that is really annoying. Art is a drug for me, highly addictive, and one that there is nothing like. It is a pure, beautiful high though, and I am in dire need of a fix. When I feel creative and inspired I have little to no need for other drugs of choice or addictions. I drink less, I smoke less, I eat less. I just plain feel so much better. So, these days I find myself trying to fill the void with other things, none of which compare to my art highs. Damn this is annoying.


tjwesson said…
Thinking of you, my love.

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