More of Eat, Pray, Love

So I went to see Eat, Pray, Love on the big screen, and as expected, it didn't do the book justice. Of course I was prepared for that, as movies seldom compare to the books on which they are based, and with my vivid imagination, my own personal Eat, Pray, Love movie, the one I conjured up in my head while reading and re-reading the book, looked far different than the one I saw at the movie theater. Even so, it was an enjoyable and entertaining show. I hadn't been to see a movie in a movie theater since the first Sex and the City movie came out, and that one I attended with a group of women, what a cliché! In the same fashion, this movie was attended by groups of women, with only 3 or 4 men in the theater – what brave souls! Unlike Sex and the City, this one provoked less emotion, although there was a part that so closely mirrored something in my life that I did get a bit choked up. Actually, many pieces of the EPL book were very similar to my own experiences over the past 6-7 years, but those I was prepared to see before my eyes. The part that got me this time, was where Hollywood took some liberties and changed/ over-dramatized a certain part, and it did smack me in the face with a bit of unprecedented déjà vu.

Probably one mistake I made was going to see this movie so soon after a re-read of the book. Instead of watching and enjoying as the scenes played out in front of me, I found myself trying to predict what would happen next, and often being disappointed when certain parts were left out. I am such a stickler for rules and consistency, which makes me often feel boring and constricting. This was certainly a distraction from just watching the damn movie, as were the Spanish subtitles, but hey, I did learn some new Spanish phrases, "Me gusta".

Overall, I did enjoy the movie; Julia Roberts did as good a job as was probably possible. I of course pictured Liz Gilbert as, well, Liz Gilbert, since her photo is found in several of her books. I thought the casting overall was good, as was the acting, but it is still difficult to portray such an eventful year in someone’s life, in a two hour movie. But hey, I am no movie critic, just a girl who would recommend the book before the movie anytime. I think the soundtrack is pretty groovy too.As good a time as any to reveal one of my favorite new possessions, thanks to the new Mrs. Marlowe Miller. All the wedding attendants got a bag of goodies, including these mugs, which fit the color theme of the big day. We christened them all with Chardonnay on the day of, and now I find myself constantly washing mine, as it is the only thing I really want to drink out of.


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