Weddings, Chasing Rainbows and Eat, Pray, Love

My "summer vacation" has come and gone. I'm just back from a trip to South Carolina to get one of my dear [former] St. Croix friends married. She asked me months ago if I would be a bridesmaid in her wedding, and though for awhile I did not think I was going to make it, I found my way there and joined her and her family and friends in celebrating her very special day.

The wedding was beautiful and I got to meet many of her friends from the states, as I went in knowing only a handful of the people who would be in attendance. The ceremony and reception were held in a huge beach house on Folly Beach, right on the water's edge. It was gorgeous and a perfect day for a wedding, everything went smoothly and most importantly it seemed a good time was had by all. We were missing the "It’s MILLER TIME" banner that was to be hung on the house, celebrating the newlywed Millers, but that small snafu was the only one of the day. The vows written by the bride and groom made me cry, their true, beautiful love for one another was so brilliantly expressed, and later the toasts by the family and friends all had me in tears (not a hard thing). I was honored to be a part of such a loving gathering, as love is a difficult, odd and somewhat elusive entity for me. Marlowe's dad talked about their family, and the love they all shared despite the "un-traditional" (which has now really become more of the traditional) nature of the family. It was beautifully spoken and poignant. It was a time of deep reflection for me, as weddings always are. Gosh, I am SUCH A GIRL!

Enough with the cheese-ball shit! It was fun, but I was glad to get home yesterday.

The travel day home began way.too.FN.early. 3:30am is not a time any human being should have to wake up, thankfully though I was able to sleep on most of my plane rides, and we arrived back home to St. Croix, at right around 3pm. On the last leg of the trip, I found enough gusto to stay awake, and with my first window seat of the journey, I looked out the window as we left Puerto Rico behind and got closer to my little island in the sun. The sky looked gray and menacing as we left the San Juan airport, but thankfully our travels took us in the other direction. Just offshore of St. Croix, we ran into some amazing scattered rain showers. Flying just low enough, the airplane was parallel with several rainbows, and we could see the small rain clouds as they blew around in the wind. The sun illuminated the ocean in a beautiful shade of blue, and the many rainbows we saw grew more vivid as we flew alongside them, and then faded away. In my sleep deprived delirium, this all looked amazingly magical. I was half expecting to see a winged unicorn flying alongside us!

Now I am home, and enjoying the quiet, solo downtime for a few more days. I re-purchased Elizabeth Gilbert’s, Eat, Pray, Love, having lost my original copy. I don’t like this one as much, as it is a smaller, fatter paperback, with Julia Roberts on the cover. I prefer the original, more fitting (in my opinion) cover art to the more Hollywood-y image it now boasts. However, I would be pretty stoked to be Liz Gilbert and not only have Julia on the cover of my book, but to have her playing me in a movie! Should this all be a lesson in not judging a book by its cover? Sure. So… Now I am taking a little Nicole solo time, reading books, meditating and relaxing. Also enjoying a necessary detox from the booze-fest of the week/ weekend.

Marlowe is enjoying the next chapter of her life, now where will mine take me?


TerryC said…
No pics of rainbows? Bummer! Lovely descriptions, though.

(Pssst - you gotta fix the title of the book in the last paragraph unless you really want it to be about hunting and carnivorism.....) ;-)
tjwesson said…
I am also (finally!) reading Eat, Pray, Love, even if only to get to Committed, which I already have. I think of you every time I even see either. :)
Nicole said…
Shannon! Good thing you told me you have Committed already, I finished it last week and was going to send you my copy! I think you will enjoy it. I'll read EPL a zillion more times for sure. Do you have the Julia Roberts cover too?
tjwesson said…
Nope. The original cover with the pasta, prayer beads and flower petals. I ordered them from a website and got a discount for getting both. Now to just get down to some reading!

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