Costa Rica

An impromptu mini-vacation to Costa Rica turned out to be a lot of fun, it is the second vacation in a handful of years that I was almost dragged on kicking and screaming - for different reasons.

Being one of the greenest countries on the planet and home to 6% of the world's population of animals, Costa Rica definitely sounded like a place I would absolutely love to visit. There were some minor (in my opinion) details that kept the trip from going off with out a hitch, but nothing that couldn't be, and wasn't, overcome. I realized, by default, that I actually speak fairly decent conversational Spanish. I guess living in the Caribbean for 16+ years, I have picked a few things like this up.

The highlight of the trip was an excursion provided by the Adventure Park and Hotel Vista Gulfo (where we should have stayed, instead of the more American, and less authentic, all-inclusive resort) which included riding horses up into the mountains where we embarked on a private (due to the off-season) canopy tour; we hiked through the lush jungle, flew through the treetops on the zip-lines, repelled down, and swam in, delicious freshwater waterfalls. For two people, we had four guides! All the while we were delighted with incredible views - not of birds and monkeys as we had hoped - but many interesting species all the same, mainly butterflies and fungi. There were more butterflies than I had seen anywhere, just incredible, colors and sizes I had only seen in pictures or documentaries. Unfortunately, taking my camera along was not recommeded, as it is fairly bulky and not waterproof, so the photos of that portion of the trip, reside solely in my mind. After our "adventures" in the jungle, we sat down to the most amazing meal I had in Costa Rica, and anywhere really, in a very long time.

I'll have to go back for sure, as there is much more I would like to see and do.


Marie said…
Wow those photos look so beautiful! Costa Rica must be such an amazing place!

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