and Everything Was Beautiful at the Ballet

This evening I clipped my toenails in preparation for the Nutcracker, but for one of only a handful of times, my feet will be slipping into heels this evening, instead of those familiar pink satin shoes. My costume tonight, a full length dress instead of a tutu and my the make-up on my face will shine from the audience instead of center stage. Tonight I am going to the ballet.

It is a time of change for me, yet another renaissance as another part of myself works toward brilliance and yet another facet is uncovered. This is life, and it is hard but not necessarily tough.

But enough of the diamond metaphors...

I am off to see Pointe Dance Academy put on the Nutcracker, a show I have only not been a part of a couple of times in my life. I will go with new friends, good people and I am excited to see students I have danced alongside and taught, and see the next generations of dancers come into their own. There is nothing that compares to the dance world for me. The excitement builds for me, and I feel that pre-show nervous excitement. The stage of my life has changed significantly, and my audience and choreography has changed, but I am a dancer, and always will be. Tonight, I have the pleasure of being entertained by those who pursue the dreams I had, and live the life I dream.

Let the magic begin, it's Nutcracker time!

This is me, snow soloist in the Nutcracker from 2003 or so.


tjwesson said…
Beautifully said. I hope you enjoyed the could you not, though, right?
Time Will Tell said…
I so hope you enjoyed your trip to the Ballet. I am sure it was quite bittersweet sitting in the audience opposed to dancing across a stage you know all to well.. Good for you :) Honestly, I miss a good Pointe Dance Nutcracker show!
Nicole said…
It was a nice evening, thanks ladies :)

Marlowe! I meant to bring the tissues you gave us in our bridesmaid bags, but forgot them :( It was my little way of taking you with me,

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