Wednesday, Island Style

I'm taking time to enjoy the island again, something I enjoyed so much, those simple life pleasures. Wednesdays are the days the "family" usually has off together, so we all try to make plans to hang out and do fun, healthy things that don't involve drinking all day or going to bars. Last week, we hiked down to the tide pools over near Carambola on the northwest side of the island. It is a 2.7 mile hike each way and then there is some fairly intense climbing (at least for me!) over sharp wet rocks to get to the saltwater pools. It was a wonderful day! The hike was phenomenal and the air just right, not too hot and not too sunny. We took breaks along the way to drink water, take pictures and just take in the scenery. Once we arrived at our destination, we relaxed and went swimming in the pools after our hike down. I actually thought the water was freezing, and was the first one out! After our tide pool fun, cooled and refreshed, we headed back up and over the hills that would take us back to the Carambola Resort.
Happy hiker!

About halfway back, I stopped and looked to my left. With late afternoon sunlight filtering through the trees along the rainforest hike, about 3 dozen beautiful yellow butterflies, a "flutter" as I learned a group is called, fluttered and danced in a small clearing. I gasped and stopped everyone in their tracks, it was such an amazing moment. We all just stood there, in awe, admiring the beauty and splendor of nature. Truly magical!
The roommies

Once at Carambola, we changed clothes and opted to stop at the resort bar for a well deserved cocktail. The bar/ restaurant was empty! We were surprised, but were given exceptionally friendly and attentive service. Opting for a table out on the patio overlooking the ocean and the pool, most of us ordered frozen drinks, Banana Bushwhackers, Pina Coladas and Mudslides, delish!
The guys

Our next stop was Rowdy Joe's Northshore Eatery, where we drank incredible drinks, like the Rowdy's Dark & Stormy, ginger infused rum and house made root beer, and snacked on their always wonderful food. Our night was cut short with one of our friends not feeling well and needing to leave, so we all headed back east, making sure he was okay and ending the night with a few more cocktails and good conversation at home.


marlowe said…
This sounds so nice Nicole, sure does make me miss home!

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