Because everyday is special ♥

Last week was Valentine’s Day, and for me that meant a long day, working a double between two jobs, both catering to the people who choose to make that day a special one for those they love. It is funny that I work in industries that put huge emphasis on holidays, the key special days of the year, but I chose to sell that without buying it. For me, it was just another day, a day on which I loved and appreciated the people in my life as I would on any other. Love is a beautiful thing, often a difficult thing, as I know quite well. I personally choose to make everyday special, and to show affection for those I hold dear all the time. I learned my lesson a long time ago that putting too much emphasis on one day in a person’s life can be disappointing at best, and devastating at worst.

I am fortunate to have wonderful people in my life, people I love, and a good man by my side every day. We started saying "happy everyday!!" to one another, as it is fitting for us both, and we truly act on that, loving one another and showing that all the time, making everyday count. I can look back to days spent together and enjoy having made the most out of them, whether the date was February 14 or any other. Imagine how much more loving the world would be if more people chose to do this! Love and positivity are infectious, and the air around us all would feel more powerful and beautiful if more of that power were consciously brought into every single day.
I’ve been feeling the love, giving and receiving, it is truly a beautiful thing.


marlowe said…
You my friend look, Happy! I can't wait to share this special something with you when I come home next month. Bravo my dear.. Huge hugs to you!

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