Getting Old (er)

Yes, it is true, I am getting old(er)... errr something.

Yesterday I found myself squinting at my web browser and becoming increasingly frustrated by how difficult it was to read the page text. I had to increase the zoom settings on my computer! I was getting headachy, my eyes were getting sore and aching. This has actually happened quite frequently lately, but I was sure that my eyes were just, tired or I needed to change my contacts, or there was dust/ pollen/ ash/ soot in the air etc... My eyesight couldn't be getting worse!? My vision has certainly degenerated over the years thanks to plenty of abuse from using various magnification tools on a daily basis and jumping from one to the other, and doing lots of computer work, and of course working with teeny-tiny jewelry parts, but this was more of a dramatic change than I have experienced. Oh well, I guess there is a price to pay for getting older and wiser!

For the record, I wouldn't go back to my younger years for anything. It just keeps getting better! (Sadly I cannot say the same for my eyes...)


TerryC said…
Take care of those lovely peepers!

And, if you haven't looked around lately, check out the fact that none of us are getting any younger.

Unfortunately, the wiser part doesn't always follow, either.
MarkD60 said…
I noticed that a few years ago. Got my first pair of bifocals......
vidzee said…
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