'Tis the season

Seasons change, though for us here in the islands, they change less dramatically than the US mainland and other parts of the world. It’s that time of year again, “season” is slowing and/ or coming to an end, tourist season that is. Wedding season is right around the corner and hurricane season follows shortly thereafter (I’m certain there is a joke in there somewhere, but I am too tired to put it together right now). There is also gongolo (Cruzan millipedes) season, mosquito season (some would argue that it is always mosquito season), mongoose season (no, not relating to hunting them), mango season, rainy season, dry season and I’m sure there are other island “seasons” that I am forgetting.

The end of season comes with many people coming and going, but mostly going. It happens every year and after surviving the other seasons, we will again be greeted with a crop of new, fresh, wandering souls who will find their ways to our little island in the sun, at the onset of another tourist season.

Season, and the long list of island events ended with the St. Croix Food and Wine Experience’s annual Taste of St. Croix. My liver, and most other body parts, are all breathing a sigh of relief. This was my third year attending Taste, and second in a row that I have been working for it. It was a lot of fun serving up awesome food and talking to people, seeing many friends I hadn’t seen in ages. Plus I got to get dressed up all pretty and drink lots of wine. The after parties weren’t as wild and fun as I remember, but Mr. Biggs was exhausted from long days and weeks of prep for the event. Best part? He placed second in both categories he entered, two of the most popular – therefore most competitive. I am beyond stoked for him!

Second place entree from the Galleon Restaurant; Citrus braised veal short ribs over a carrot ginger mousse, with preserved lemon and parsley salad, topped with a potato galette and finished with sherry gastrique.

Summer season will be dog hair season for the two of us, stay tuned to find out why…


TerryC said…
Hooray for Mr. Biggs!

I like the part about the joke where hurricane season comes after wedding season....

Hee hee!

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