The Best Birthday EVER!

Funny that my last post was about getting old, and here I am reporting on my birthday which was over a month ago. It was, however, the best birthday ever!

31 seemed to me like a boring age, an “invisible” age for some reason. Turning 21 is a big deal, 30 is a big deal, but 31? Boring, it is an age that seemingly doesn’t exist, sort of like buildings that don’t have a 13th floor, or restaurants that skip a table number on their floor plan. These things “should” be there, but they aren’t. That is how I feel about 31.

That said, my 31st birthday was the best one I can remember. I had no plans and no idea what I wanted to do, though I did long for an awesomely special day, since my 30th was far from what I had hoped. The day came and after all that June had thrown at me and Biggs, I was exhausted, physically and emotionally, and wanted nothing more than to have a quiet day to relax and spend time with him. I had tried to find friends to come out to dinner with me the night before the big day, but no one was available, and of course Biggs was working. So I set out to have a glass of wine by myself at the Galleon and wait for him to get off work. A couple of friends were there, so I had some nice company and I even had some real life song writers play me “Happy Birthday” on the piano and sing to me at midnight. We probably stayed out a little later than necessary, but that allowed us to sleep in a bit the next morning, on my actual birthday.

Our plans were not terribly exciting, but I had wanted a nice lunch out on the North Shore, so we packed some bags, put on swimsuits and headed out that way. We grabbed a cold beer on the way out to soothe our hangovers and ended up at Rowdy Joe’s, still a little groggy, and hungry! After a yummy lunch, delicious cocktails and good conversation with the bartender (who was from Boston or thereabouts), we had perked up a bit and decided to continue our trek, finding another little spot for a drink along our North Shore crawl. I suggested eat@Cane Bay, but Biggs convinced me that we should go out to Carambola instead, because they made the best Bushwhackers, and had a nice view from their bar terrace. I agreed, so we shuffled out further westward on the North Shore, to the Carambola Beach Resort.

We got those frosty, tasty drinks we had envisioned and sat down at a table overlooking the beach, the same one we had sat at with our friends after hiking to the tide pools many months before. Biggs excused himself to go to the bathroom (or so he said) and returned, asking me what I wanted to do next. I was happy, content and relaxed by that point, but had no idea what to do next, or any future thoughts for that matter. He smiled and placed a hotel room key card on the table in front of me, saying, “why don’t we go check out our room?”

Onlookers must have thought he put a big sparkly diamond in front of me, because I gasped and beamed and laughed and even cried a little. I jumped up and hugged and kissed the man, I was completely surprised and absolutely floored. It was one of the coolest things anyone had ever done for me. It made my entire day, month and probably year.

Our room was gorgeous, and Biggs had more surprises in store, a bottle of champagne and a nice bottle of red wine. We drank the champagne, enjoying the comforts of our luxurious little top-floor beach bungalow as the sun went down. Deciding to go out for an evening cocktail, we headed back to have our drink at eat@Cane Bay. We knew lots of people at the bar, and we drank and chatted, settling on having a little snack before heading back to the hotel, most likely to order room service. Chef Sean was in the kitchen, so we asked the bartender to have Sean send us something he thought we would enjoy. Everything that came out was just perfect, some food shots, and small samples of some other dishes he had been playing with. Everything was perfect, and just what we needed.

After our long, relaxing and all around perfect day, we retired to the hotel room, where we slept better than we had all month. I really am the luckiest girl in the world, on my birthday and everyday!


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