Roku rocks my world...

Biggs and I have been in the market for one of those nifty Blu-ray players that can stream Netflix and Pandora and all that fun stuff since we were in the states. We were going to bring one back, but as always with trips stateside, there was little room in the suitcases and little money in the wallets at the end of the trip, so we figured we could find one on the rock without having to dish out significantly more cash-ola than our stateside friends. I looked around and found some acceptable options, so we set out yesterday, on our day off and after doing day off chores, in search of the magic machine that would bring streaming movies to our TV, so we could cut out the nights spent staring at my tiny laptop screen, glued to episode after episode of LOST, or movie, or whatever.

Well, we found something WAY COOLER than Blu-ray, at least as far as I am concerned. We already have a DVD player at the house, a decently fancy one that hooks up to iPods and the like, so we didn't really need something that played discs. We found Roku.

Meet Roku:
Wicked cute eh?

Roku looked like exactly what we needed, and was about $50 less than buying a blu-ray player with the whole streaming package thing. The box was only about 7"x7"x2", but we were both thoroughly impressed when we pulled Roku out of the box and found it to be even smaller than expected, like the size of a large cell phone or small remote control. Actually, I think Roku's remote control is larger, or about the same size as it is. Ha!

So Roku is a HUGE hit, despite a small snafu on the install, all is working and streaming beautifully now. We're beyond excited about the new addition to the entertainment system. Netflix streams beautifully, and Pandora works like a charm. It's definitely the best $90 I've spent in awhile! Roku rocks!


reginag said…
That's cheap actually. Very affordable.
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