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That's My Cup of Tea

Well, I have heard of messages in tea leaves, not that I claim to be an expert in the tea reading department, but my tea is telling me something too. Tonight, I was in need of a pearl of wisdom with which to quiet my ever overactive mind, which was racing due to too much time spent alone, too many bloody marys for lunch and flashbacks to a life less extraordinary. So I popped a mug of tea in the microwave and vowed not to look at my little message on the tea-tab until my beverage was good and ready. With anxious anticipation I wondered what my little Yogi Tea fortune would read as the microwave ticked away the seconds. Those two minutes held all the patience I had at this point in the day, and I promptly yanked the door open to reveal my prize:

I remembered not long ago finding yet another little tea bag tiding that I found poignant, and that I had captured it too on camera:

Well okay then, I’m getting the message, and it comes at an appropriate time. I’ve been questioning lots of thin…