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That's My Cup of Tea

Well, I have heard of messages in tea leaves, not that I claim to be an expert in the tea reading department, but my tea is telling me something too. Tonight, I was in need of a pearl of wisdom with which to quiet my ever overactive mind, which was racing due to too much time spent alone, too many bloody marys for lunch and flashbacks to a life less extraordinary. So I popped a mug of tea in the microwave and vowed not to look at my little message on the tea-tab until my beverage was good and ready. With anxious anticipation I wondered what my little Yogi Tea fortune would read as the microwave ticked away the seconds. Those two minutes held all the patience I had at this point in the day, and I promptly yanked the door open to reveal my prize:

I remembered not long ago finding yet another little tea bag tiding that I found poignant, and that I had captured it too on camera:

Well okay then, I’m getting the message, and it comes at an appropriate time. I’ve been questioning lots of things in my life again – not so much a surprise, I know. It’s another one of those introspective phases o’mine, always good for some interesting blogging content.

Grace. Contentment. Hmmm…

Grace brings contentment eh? I concur. My most recent tattoo (circa 2010) is a Sanskrit symbol meaning grace, chosen by and for me, to represent not only physical grace from years of dancing, but the way in which I have handled difficult situations in my life.

Contentment is something I crave, that feeling of comfort and ease with one’s self, life etc… The word itself invokes a peaceful feeling that settles around me. I’ve been restless lately, thinking about the future and all the things I want to do, to achieve and to create. It has been important and enlightening for me to realize that I can have a sense of contentment without having my life exactly the way I want it right.this.minute.

Life changes, sometimes more quickly and abruptly than one might enjoy, but we deal with it, roll with it, and hopefully come out of it all for the better, dancing through gracefully en route to contentment. I’m settling more and more into this new life of mine, and getting to the point where I am taking more control of the situations around me. I am starting to think more toward the future, to plan, dream and allow myself to have goals once again. I truly think I am coming out of the period of Saturn’s Return, and fully enjoying the new place I am in. The years past have prepared me for what I have most recently survived and experienced, and this is all a cycle that can, and surely will, be repeated, perhaps many times over.
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