Goodbye 2013 (or should I say, good riddance...)

2013 wasn't a stellar year for me, but like most things in life, there are valuable lessons to be learned from the difficult parts. Or so I hear. Somehow I survived and made it though, when so many times I was sure I couldn't. I managed to emerge from the lows and perhaps even balance the minefield of a year with some semblance of grace. Despite the chaos, I did some good things in the past year, but I'm now looking forward to a good new year, a better year, and I'm planning on actively pursuing some positive and lucrative new endeavors and continuing the journey I'm on.

The year's end has been on my mind all day, for several reasons, but I don't wish to toss 2013 out like yesterday's garbage. Instead, the impending turn of the year has made me thoughtful and reflective. I realized this afternoon was my last Buccaneer run of 2013, I opted to also get some shopping done so that I wouldn't go into the new year with empty cupboards, and of course I came home and did some tidying and laundry so as not to embark on 2014 with a dirty home.

Tomorrow will be busy, a double for me between two jobs, but I am now prepared and comfortable to be ringing in the new year, with enough of my life in order - or at least in the order I require anyway. In this moment I am as content as I can possibly be, and that is something that I haven't felt much this year.

So, "Bring it on!" I say... I think I'm ready for whatever it will be.

Of course I couldn't forget to mention a very special part of New Year's Eve, as Biggs and I celebrate our three year anniversary tomorrow as well. A new year and another year, and I treated us to something really special, one of our favorites:

Happy New Year!


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