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'Tis The Season

Good things are happening as the year 2014 draws to a close. I can look back at this year and say that there were MANY difficult and trying times, rough obstacles and hurdles, but everything worked out in the end. The groundwork has been laid for some great things to come in the next year as well.

I am just feeling so positive lately, something I haven't felt all that much this year. I've had some great days, a wonderful Thanksgiving, probably the best one I can remember in years and I think Christmas Day is shaping up to be great as well. Today, working at the shop, people were milling about, shopping, happy, friendly and there was just such a wonderful air around town. I think my favorite part of the day was the three young children who sang an adorable rendition of "How Will Santa Get Here?" when asked how Santa was going to get into their house and bring their presents.

While the holiday season usually does very little for me, this year I seem to have softened a …