Message in a Bottle

Biggs and I found a message in a bottle while walking Coakley beach with Cucciolo this morning:

"One life. One man. Be happy. Realize your dreams!"
Kairos I sailing boat. December 2014.
17*01.98 N 41*12.02 W

Plugged the coordinates into Google maps and came up with the location - the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. It appears the sailor is from Russia and we even found his Facebook page.

Of course this wasn't my first encounter with a message in a bottle, having found one on the north shore of St. Croix in 1997 or so. That one was written in French and was tossed overboard by a French family sailing the Caribbean. I wrote to them in French and sent some photos along, they responded to my letter and sent some photos back! I remember some drawings done by their daughter that had been included in the original bottle. I guess I must be pretty darn lucky to have found 2 messages in bottles washed ashore in my lifetime!